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Instructions for a Cablevision DVR

Cablevision System Corportion provides DVR service to its Optimum cable customers. Optimum cable boxes enabled with DVR will record live programming or record future programming. To record live programming, or a program you are currently viewing, hit the record button on the DVR remote. To record a program that is not currently airing, you will have to schedule a recording through the Guide. You can also control live programming with the DVR remote control.


Schedule a Recording

1 Point the Cablevision remote control toward the DVR, and press the "Guide" button. 2 Find and highlight a program to record by using the arrow navigation keys to find shows listed in the Channel Guide menu. To find a future schedule program. Select "A" to enter the Browse By menu. Select to search by title, channel or time. Then follow the prompts to find a scheduled program. 3 Press the "SEL" button on the Cablevision remote to select a highlighted program. 4 Confirm the scheduled recording when prompted. 5 Highlight either the option to record just one episode of the program or the entire series when prompted. Hit "SEL." If you selected to record a series, you will be prompted to record only new episodes, or every episode of this series. Highlight the preferred option and press "A."

Tips & Warnings

You can pause, forward or rewind a live program with the corresponding keys on the remote control as well. To forward, you must have paused the live program first. The DVR will allow you to pause for up to one hour. The DVR will then record the program as if it were still playing on the screen in real time. You can then hit play to continue watching, or fast forward to skip over parts of the program or catch up with the program in real time. To skip forward or backward one frame at a time, hit the pause button then hit the forward or reverse button to go forward or back a single frame.

Oreck vacuum cleaner bags type cc breakers
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