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DirecTV Satellite Careers

DirecTV employs a large number of employees to ensure high-quality television service. DirecTV is a satellite-based television provider that offers high-quality television services to residential and professional buildings, as well as portable devices, automobiles and aircraft. It employs over 16,000 workers at varying levels throughout the United States to provide the best television experience and ensure that customers' needs are being met.

Satellite Installation Technician

A satellite installation technician installs satellite TV systems and related equipment. She identifies and solves related problems and performs requested upgrades to ensure customer satisfaction. She is also responsible for contacting customers to schedule installation time-frames. A satellite installation technician examines the installation area and plans out the wiring and necessary equipment. She runs cables, and programs and adjusts equipment. She also ensures that systems function correctly by testing them and troubleshooting related problems. A satellite installation technician is responsible for abiding by the necessary codes and regulations established by DirecTV. Satellite installation technicians must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and a minimum of one year of work experience working with electronics, telecommunications, television or a related area. According to Indeed.com, as of 2010, DirecTV satellite installation technicians earn average annual salaries of $41,000.

Customer Service Representative

A DirecTV customer service representative manages incoming calls from customers who want to upgrade, downgrade or end their DirecTV service. He investigates the issues and concerns of customers and resolves the problems by any means possible. He is primarily concerned with retaining customers and establishing positive relationships. A customer service representative strives to provide resolutions to customers in one phone call. He also focuses on selling DirecTV services and maintaining a positive image for the company. A customer service representative is responsible for making financial decisions to collect customer payments and modify customer accounts. He uses a variety of programming options and retention incentives. Customer service representatives must have a high school diploma or equivalent and related customer service and sales experience. Indeed.com states that, as of 2010, the average annual salary for DirecTV customer service representatives is $24,000.

Technical Project Manager

A technical project manager provides technical direction to project engineering teams that create, authorize and organize solutions for broadcast services. She manages a variety of staff members, including integration employees and project engineers. She is responsible for hiring new employees, creating training programs, carrying out performance evaluations and presenting status reports to management professionals. She oversees the overall budget activities and creates capital budget plans. A technical project manager also manages the project process for all in-house projects to ensure that the requirements are met and properly documented. She organizes project activities to make sure they do not interfere with everyday operations. A technical project manager often directly works with contractors and vendors to negotiate prices, address support problems and stay up to date with ever-changing technologies. Technical product managers typically need at least a bachelor's degree and professional certifications in areas such as Cisco and information technology. A minimum of five years of technical experience in television, broadcasting engineering or related area is required, along with project management experience. As of 2010, as stated by Indeed.com, the average annual salary for technical project managers is $95,000.

Entry door installation cost home depot
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