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How to Create a News Ticker Graphic

Report the most interesting and exciting news of your day to place on your website, social messaging board or print out by creating a news ticker graphic. News tickers, the scrolling line that goes across television screens, often break into programming to report an upcoming storm, something that's happened to a celebrity or to report a change in the television lineup. Making your own graphic is simple and creative with just a few steps in a variety of computer programs.


1 Use Paint to create a news ticker graphic with a few of the program's basic features. Set your size in the "Image" and "Attributes" menu; news tickers should be long, thin rectangles. Paint's "Text" tool allows you to select a font, size and color, then type the information into the ticker. Colorize your ticker to grab attention by choosing a hue from the "Color Picker," such as red for emergencies or neon blue to make a personal announcement, then using Paint's "Fill" tool to instantly colorize the entire background of the ticker with one click. 2 Open Publisher to take advantage of some of the program's preset options for your news ticker. Click through the "Publications for Print" section and select "Banners," which offers a large variety of designed banners. You can also create your own in the "Page Setup" section by choosing the "Custom" option and inputting your dimensions. Use Publisher's "Text" tool to add the news items to the ticker, then select from Publisher's clip art (optional) to add graphics to the ticker. Color the background of the ticker from the "Format," then "Background" menu options. 3 Create a news ticker graphic in Photoshop from a new file, sized to your ticker requirements. Use Photoshop's text tool to choose fonts, colors, shades, sizes and placement. Photoshop offers a variety of extras, such as drop-shadowing to emphasize letters and neon paint colors for emergency messages to stand out. You can use Photoshop's "Fill" and "Pattern" tools to design an artistic news ticker graphic, with backgrounds such as tye-dye, bubbles or blazing neon.

Tips & Warnings

Microsoft Paint is a free program (included with your computer's installation package). Your computer may also have Microsoft Publisher, which is often included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Photoshop is available for purchase through the Adobe Creative Suite, which also includes InDesign, a desktop publishing layout program similar to Publisher. For active, scrolling movie clips, you may be interested in Flash, a large platform you may use to create moving tickers.

Nitto tire dealers ctnow
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