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How to Program a Toshiba Remote Control

You can program your Toshiba remote control. To use a new or replacement TV, DVD or VHS remote control, you may have to program the remote to the device first. Your Toshiba remote control will come with a manual or card with instructions on how this is done. If you have lost that manual and forgotten the program code for the Toshiba remote, you can still program the remote without any headaches.


1 Make sure there are working batteries in the Toshiba remote control. 2 Turn on your television set, DVD player or other device that you want to control with the Toshiba remote. 3 Find the "Recall" or "Setup" button on the Toshiba remote control. After you find it, press and hold down that button until the lights on the remote control turn on and remain lit. 4 Point the Toshiba remote at the device you turned on in Step 2 and press the button on the remote for that device. 5 Begin pressing the "Power" button on the Toshiba remote. Continue doing this until you have turned the device off using the Toshiba remote. Once it shuts off, press "Enter" on the Toshiba remote. The remote will then be programmed.

Nitto tire dealers ctnow
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