Cutting linoleum flooring tiles into octagons noggin

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How to Cut In and Install A Vinyl Floor

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How to Use Slingbox to Stream Internet to TV

Internet content from Slingbox can be viewed on a TV. A Slingbox allows a television signal in one's home or office to be viewed anywhere in the world. The Slingbox connects a cable box and/or digital video recorder to a broadband connection. It then can be accessed, with the help of Sling's software, on a computer or a mobile device, through a remote broadband connection. It is also possible to view this content on a television, through official Sling products, and by connecting a computer or wireless device directly to the TV.


1 Connect Slingbox to cable or satellite box and broadband connection. 2 Determine the appropriate input jacks on the television, and output jacks on the Sling Catcher, computer or mobile device. Connect the device to the television, as well as an Internet connection. 3 Download and install Sling software on computer or mobile device. Turn the connected television on to the "Video" or "Auxiliary" setting. Turn on the Sling Catcher or open the Sling application on the computer or mobile device.

Cutting linoleum flooring tiles into octagons noggin
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