Excellus medicare advantage plans 2017

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Excellus Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017

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Medicare Plans | Excellus BlueCross BlueShield


How to Open Blocked Scanner Channels

Scanners keep you informed on what is going on around your community. You can monitor police frequencies, city government and other channels. After you turn on your scanner, you may need to block a channel that keeps giving static or is taking over the airways. No matter what scanner brand you have, they are locked and unblocked in the same way.


1 Press "Manual" on the scanner's control panel. If you don't have a "Manual" button, press the "Program" button. Manual often appears as "MAN," while program often is displayed as "PROG." 2 Use the up or down arrow keys, or on some models the left and right arrow keys, to find the channel that was locked. These channels often have an "L/O" symbol at the top of the channel display or on the bottom of the LCD screen. 3 Press the "FUNC" button and the "L/O" or "L/OUT" button to unblock the channel. After pressing the "L/O" or "L/OUT" button, the "L/O" symbol will disappear and the channel will be included in the scan. 4 Press "SCAN" to resume scanning.

Excellus medicare advantage plans 2017
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