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How to Improve a Grainy SD on an LCD TV

How to Improve a Grainy SD on an LCD TV thumbnail Troubleshooting a grainy picture on your TV can start with checking the television's connections. Grainy reception on cable TV channels can have many different causes, including connection problems at your residence, network problems with your cable provider, a bad coaxial cable, even malfunctions with your TV. Taking a few simple steps at your home can often fix the problem without you having to contact your cable provider. If the problem cannot be fixed right away you can at least narrow down the issue in order to provide your cable company with information that may assist in getting the problem fixed.


1 Check the physical connections on your TV. There should be a coaxial cable running from an outlet on the wall to either your TV's coaxial connection or a coaxial connection on a set-top box that your cable company provided you. Tap the cable and see if the picture becomes more or less grainy. If the picture does not improve or gets worse unscrew the coaxial cable and disconnect it fully. Check the end that you removed for any damage; also make sure the copper needle running through the middle of the coaxial is not bent or pushed down inside the cable (replace the cable if it is). Reattach the cable and check the picture. If picture is still grainy it is time for some further troubleshooting. 2 Check your other channels and other TVs. Scroll through a number of channels and see if the graininess if affecting all your channels, a limited range of channels, or one channel in particular, and take note of this. Check the same channels on any other TVs you have in the house that are connected to cable service. This information will be vital to your cable company in diagnosing your issue. 3 Contact your cable TV company. If none of the above steps cleared up the graininess your cable company will most likely need to send a repair technician to your house. Be as detailed as possible in describing the issue to your cable company's technical support department, and be sure to tell the tech support representative how many channels and how many TVs are being affected by the issue.

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