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How to Avoid Traffic at Turner Field

Turner Field isn't the most centrally located ballpark in Major League Baseball. MARTA, metro Atlanta's mass transit system, doesn't have a stop at Turner Field. So, getting in and out of the various parking lots at "The Ted" can be tricky, especially if you are coming from the northern suburbs, where most residents of metro Atlanta reside. Read on to learn how to avoid traffic at Turner Field.


Coming to Turner Field

1 The main problem when coming from north of the city is the bottle neck that forms on I-75/85 at the I-20 interchange and the Fulton Street exit at Turner Field. The best way to avoid this traffic is to go past these exits and past Turner Field. Exit at University Avenue, take a left, and get back on to I-75/85 North. Exit at the Fulton Street exit and proceed to whatever color parking lot you wish to park in. You will find that there is very little traffic on this exit coming from the south side. 2 If you are coming from part of the city where you can take I-20 in, do it. There is far less traffic on I-20 coming into the city and the exits to Turner Field are far less congested. 3 Park in the appropriate lot. If you are looking to get out of the game quickly, park in the appropriate lot before the game. If you park in the Lexus Lot or the Green Lot prior to the game, you may have a shorter walk to the stadium, but you will be sitting in more traffic after the game.

Leaving Turner Field

4 Leaving Turner Field after a Braves game is just as hard as getting there. If you live west or north of the city, consider taking I-20 West to I-285. 5 React. If it appears that the I-20 route is too congested, take I-75/85 South to Langford Pkwy West to I-285. Always remember that far fewer people are coming from south of the city. 6 Follow the flow. Traffic cops are out and are there to make your exit easier. If they direct you in a direction that you are not used to, don't worry. Follow the flow of traffic. The traffic cops know what they are doing and you will find your way to a major road quickly.

Tips & Warnings

Always remember that most traffic forms from people coming from north of the city. If you hear on traffic reports that traffic is forming around Turner Field, try to get south of the city and then come back north. Typically, it will shorten your trip in the long run even though you are driving a little further.

Bionaire febreze scentstories player
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