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Dish 1000.2 Installation Instructions

The Dish Pro Plus 1000.2 provides satellite reception from the orbital locations: 110 degrees West, 119 degrees West and 129 degrees West. It also provides an LNBF (low noise block frequency) input to receive programming from another satellite. The LNBF assembly supports the connection of up to three satellite receivers. The installation process of a Dish Pro Plus 1000.2 is a fairly straightforward one.


1 Locate the Azimuth/Elevation/Skew angles for your location. A chart with these figures can be found in the back of the Dish Pro Plus 1000.2 Installation Guide. 2 Mount the mast (the dish's base) to a solid surface where it cannot be moved out of alignment. Be mindful of the dish's line of sight and give it a clear view in the direction of the desired satellite. 3 Assemble the dish antenna. Use the figures that you find for the skew and elevation while adjusting the angles in the antenna assembly. Putting the antenna assembly together is simply a matter of connecting the satellite reflector to the LNBF arm and Mast Clamp. The hardest part in this is to adjust the screws to the correct skew and elevation. 4 Mount the dish antenna assembly to the mast using the mast clamp, and adjust it to the correct azimuth angle. 5 Run and connect the Dish Pro Plus 1000.2 cables from the dish to the receiver. 6 Find the satellite signal by connecting the satellite meter to the dish using an RG6 cable and adjusting the angle of the dish using the skew bracket under the mast clamp. The satellite meter will show an increase in signal strength when the dish is in the correct position.

Valley medical center renton wa administration building ball
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