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Pairing a Bluetooth Headset to a Blackberry Curve 8320

The BlackBerry Curve 8320 comes with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing the smart phone to pair up with other wireless Bluetooth devices. Use the feature to connect your 8320 to a headset. This can come in handy when you must make calls hands-free, such as while driving.


1 Open "Options." 2 Select "Bluetooth." 3 Push the button with the BlackBerry logo to call up a menu. 4 Choose "Enable Bluetooth." 5 Press "Back" twice to go to the home screen. 6 Select the "Manage Connections" app. 7 Choose "Set Up Bluetooth" from the dialog box. 8 Put your headset into paring mode. Refer to the headset's user guide for directions to complete this step if you do not know how. 9 Allow the 8320 to search for your headset. 10 Choose the headset when the results list appears. 11 Enter your headset's PIN into the 8320's prompt. Again, refer to the headset's user guide if you do not know the PIN.

Baylor medical center frisco florist mobile
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