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What If You Lose the Mailer Package for a Netflix Movie?

You don't need the red Netflix mailer to return a DVD. The Netflix DVD mailer is a postage-paid envelope that holds a single disc for return to the subscription service's processing center. The mailer contains a barcode that associates the enclosed disc with your Netflix account. The same barcode is also present on the white disc sleeve. If you lose the Netflix mailer, you can still send the DVD disc back to the Netflix processing center and receive the next disc in your queue.

Clasp Envelope

If you lose the Netflix mailer, place the DVD in its white sleeve and place the sleeve in a clasp envelope that is larger enough to accommodate the sleeve. Write your return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope and the following Netflix address on the bottom lower right hand corner of the envelope: Netflix P.O. Box 49021 San Jose, CA 95161-9959

Proper Postage

After addressing the envelope, seal it with glue or tape and take it to your area post office or a commercial postal service to affix sufficient postage for mailing. You can send the envelope using regular mail. You do not have to send it two-day or use a special mailing service like parcel post or similar service.

Missing Disc Sleeve

If you have lost both the mailer and white sleeve, place the DVD in a clasp envelope and include a memo containing the email address that is associated with your Netflix account and the email address you use to log into the subscription service. Write your return address and the Netflix address on the envelope.

Follow Up

Netflix will send you an email when the service receives your DVD. If you don't receive an email or you have the email confirmation setting disabled, log into your Netflix account and click the "Your Account & Help" link to check the status of the DVD under the heading "DVD Shipping Activity." If the DVD is not showing returned, click the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the screen to inform Netflix of the date you return the disc and that the disc is possibly lost in the mail.

Appliance repairman needed me remix
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