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How to Have a Kid-Friendly Day at Turner Field

Have a Kid-Friendly Day at Turner Field There isn't a park in Major League Baseball more suitable for children than Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia. While the action on the field is always intense, sometimes children aren't interested. That doesn't mean your day at the Braves game has to be a total loss--there are many options at Turner Field that are enjoyable for kids. Read on to learn how to have a kid-friendly day at Turner Field.


1 Go to the pre-game party in the Fan Plaza. Prior to each game, the Atlanta Braves host a pep rally in the Fan Plaza located directly behind the scoreboard in center field. The pep rally includes live music from the drum line, cheerleaders and special giveaways. 2 Visit Tooner Field. Located on the lower level under the right field stands, Tooner Field is a special area designed for kids. Inside Tooner Field, you will find cartoon characters and interactive games with Cartoon Network characters. 3 Play Games at Scouts Alley, located on the lower level under the left field seats. Here, youngsters and adults can test their baseball skills with interactive baseball games. You can test the speed of your pitch, play home run derby, and take your cuts in a simulated batting cage. 4 Head up to the top of the left field bleachers to hang out at Sky Field where kids have the chance to run on an artificial base path at the top of the stadium. Don't worry parents, if you get hot, there is a misting machine to cool you off on those hot summer days while the kids are playing. If the Braves hit a home run, look up, because fireworks will shoot up from the giant soda bottle. 5 Run the bases. After every Sunday afternoon game, line up at the bottom of the ramps on the first base side of the lower level close to the end of the game. After the game, kids are invited to come down on to Turner Field and run the bases. Parents, don't forget to bring the camera to capture this moment.

Appliance repairman needed me remix
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