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How to Identify Christmas Holiday Tunes

Christmas songs celebrate the holiday season. Christmas songs originated thousands of years ago as carols sung by pagans in pre-Christian Europe to celebrate the winter solstice. Over the centuries, these carols were adapted by Christians. In modern day, religious Christmas carols are played months in advance of Christmas with holiday tunes that are often secular. This is a guide to help identify Christmas holiday tunes.


Using the Internet

1 Christmas holiday tunes can be identified online. Go online and using a web browser, type in Christmas holiday songs. 2 Read the list of songs that are presented. Write these down. 3 Take your list of Christmas Holiday Songs to a record store and ask the sales assistant to help you find these tunes. You may listen to these in the store or purchase these on CD. 4 Go to iTunes and download a number of Christmas Holiday tunes. Listen and memorize for future reference.

Radio Listening

5 Go online and using a web browser, type in Christmas Holiday Songs Lyrics. 6 Print off the lyrics to a number of special holiday tunes. You will notice that many have the words 'Christmas', 'merry', 'joy', 'Santa Claus', and 'peace' in the lyrics. 7 Listen to the radio in a Christian country in December and identify these words in the songs that are being broadcast. Most Christmas holiday tunes tell stories about Christmastime and its fables, like Santa Claus. If the song includes these elements, it is a Christmas holiday tune.

Tips & Warnings

If you are not familiar with Christmas holiday tunes, it is best to ask a friend who is Christian to assist you in identifying these songs.

Appliance repairman needed me youtube
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