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How to Set Up Outlook Express With HughesNet

Set up Outlook Express for your HughesNet and other email accounts. HughesNet offers satellite Internet access in various locations and gives each subscriber a primary email address. The provider also lets you create additional free email accounts for other people in your household. Although you can check your HughesNet email accounts on the email website within your browser, you can also send and receive messages using third-party email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and the earlier client Outlook Express.


1 Launch Outlook Express, then click "Tools" and select "Accounts." Click "Add on the Internet Accounts window and select "Mail" to open an account setup wizard. 2 Type your display name on the first screen, then click "Next." Type your HughesNet email address on the next step and click "Next." 3 Select "POP" as the incoming mail server on the "E-mail Server Names" screen. Type "" for the incoming mail server, then type "" for the outgoing server. Click "Next" to continue. 4 Type your HughesNet email address next to "Account Name" and your password next to "Password." Click "Next" and "Finish" to close the wizard and to return to the "Internet Accounts" window. 5 Select your HughesNet account in the accounts list and click the "Properties" button. Click the "Servers" tab and click the box next to "My Server Requires Authentication" under "Outgoing Mail Server." Click the "Settings" button and select "Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server." Click "OK" twice, then click "Close" to finish the setup process.

Appliance repairman needed me youtube
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