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How to Set Up Slingbox Away From Home

Slingbox allows users the luxury of viewing their home television programming and DVR remotely on laptops, smartphones and other Web-enabled devices. However, setting up Slingbox to play on other televisions away from home requires the use of a SlingCatcher. SlingCatcher connects to the Internet to access your home Slingbox and stream its content to any television.


1 Connect the SlingCatcher to your television using the composite audio and video cables included in your SlingCatcher package. Consider purchasing and using an HDMI cable, as opposed to the composite cables, for optimal video and sound quality if you are connecting to a high-definition television. 2 Connect the SlingCatcher to your nearby network. Insert one end of the included Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your SlingCatcher. Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into an available outgoing port on your broadband modem or wireless router. 3 Turn the television on to the input channel or mode to which you have connected the SlingCatcher. You can view the SlingCatcher main menu from here. 4 Connect the SlingCatcher to your home network. Open the "Sling Account" option in the SlingCatcher main menu to enter your Slingbox account information if you have not already stored it into the SlingCatcher from prior home use. 5 Return to the main menu and open the "SlingPlayer" option. 6 Select your Slingbox account icon. You may now begin using the SlingCatcher as you would your Slingbox at home.

Capture carpet cleaner
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