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How to Change Your Dish Network Box

Upgrades to a satellite system include a new receiver. Changing your Dish Network box will need to be done when you are replacing or upgrading to a new model of receiver, such as a DVR. You can do this by first removing or disconnecting your existing receiver and then connecting the new receiver to your entertainment system. You will then need to contact Dish Network to have it initialize the new receiver for your programming package or subscription.


1 Unplug the existing receiver from the wall outlet or power strip. 2 Locate the audio and video cables on the back of the receiver. You may need to pull the receiver out if it is sitting in an entertainment center. 3 Disconnect the coaxial cable from the antenna input and video output, if you are running a coaxial cable to the television. 4 Disconnect the RCA audio and video cables from the audio and video outputs on the receiver. 5 Set the old receiver aside and take the new receiver out of the box. 6 Connect the coaxial cable from the dish to the antenna input. The coaxial cable for the television can also be connected to the video output, if applicable. 7 Connect the RCA audio and video cables to the audio and video outputs on the new receiver. 8 Plug the new receiver into the wall outlet. 9 Turn on the receiver and the television to make sure it is working properly. 10 Contact Dish Network at 1-888-241-2205 to activate your new receiver.

Tips & Warnings

A new receiver may support a second coaxial cable from the dish to record multiple programs. An activation fee may be required for your new Dish Network receiver.

Capture carpet cleaner
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