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How to Buy a NIC Card

A network interface controller card, or "NIC" card, is a piece of computer hardware that is designed to allow multiple computers to connect and interact on one network. For example: if you wanted to access files that are stored on another computer within one network, both computers would have to be connected to the network through NIC cards. Many computers come with NIC cards; however, these cards may be faulty, damaged or outdated, requiring you to buy a new NIC card.


1 Look at the network architecture of the NIC card. Make sure that it offers all of the connection types that you require. Also, be certain that the card is of the proper size so as to fit in your computer. The majority of computers will accept a RJ45 connection type, but if your computer is older, it may require a different connection. 2 Verify the interface that the card uses when you are buying a NIC card. The best interface for a NIC card that will be used with a desktop computer is a PCI interface. A laptop computer requires a card set up for a PCMCIA interface. Older computers may require an ISA interface which will not always be forward compatible with newer computers. 3 Identify the connection speed of the NIC card. The two main speeds are 10 Base and 100 Base. A 100 base connection speed is recommended if the connection is compatible with your computer to ensure a higher connectivity speed to the Internet and local area networks (LAN's). 4 Identify the wireless architecture model your network uses if purchasing a wireless NIC card. Legacy versions are 80211.a and 80211.b cards with newer versions being backwards compatible with legacy wireless networks. The newer the standard you purchase, the greater the potential bandwidth and encryption protection that you will have with your wireless NIC card. 5 Make sure that the company that makes the NIC card that you want to buy offers a toll-free customer service phone number and 24 hour support. If the company does not offer these features, consider purchasing your card from a different manufacturer in the event you require installation support.

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